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Free Things To Do In LA

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Here’s the (hypothetical but perfectly plausible) scenario: you’re lounging around in the apartments for rent near Westchester. It’s a nice day, you’re comfortable, but you’ve also got a hankering for adventure. You want to do something fun, but there’s one small hindrance -- a lack of funds. Or maybe you have all the money you could ever need but don’t feel like spending any just to enjoy your free time?

Either way, you’re in luck, because there are more “free things” to do in LA than you likely imagined, and many are just a hop, skip, or jump away from your lovely abode. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the fine, free attractions, and give you the lowdown on exactly what you’ll want to keep your eye on the next time the urge to have a no-cost adventure starts to take hold.

Try The Downtown Art Walk

Who doesn’t enjoy great artwork? That’s part of the premise behind the Downtown Art Walk, one of DTLA’s most rapidly-growing and highly-acclaimed attractions. On the second Thursday of every month, you can take to the Downtown era to experience the magic. While you certainly could spend a bit of money splurging at a nearby restaurant or indulge in one of the more specialized tours the program offers, the self-guided walk through the galleries is free of charge and you can have just as much of a blast checking out the great art at your own pace.

Take Some Photos Downtown

While you’re downtown, perhaps you’d be interested in making some art of your own. Grab your camera, because DTLA is home to some of the city’s most impressive architecture and scenery. You could, for instance take a look at the historic Bradbury Building -- one of the oldest commercial buildings standing in Los Angeles. It was first opened in 1893, and still stands in all its Romanesque glory. While there’s still debate over who the building’s final architect was (theories point to either Sumner Hunt or George Wyman), there’s no questioning the Bradbury Building’s beauty, or that of many of the other historic structures you’ll see wandering downtown.

Visit City Hall

The seat of Los Angeles’ power, city hall, houses the mayor’s office, the city council’s meeting chambers, and even their offices. These won’t be the main focus when you head over there, though. Like with other historic buildings in the area, you’ll be content to take a gander or even a snapshot or two near this impressive artifice. The height of any visit to city hall (both figuratively and literally), though, would be the observation deck. It’s free for the public and open during business hours every Monday through Friday.

People Watch In Grand Park

Think DTLA is all about buildings? Think again. In addition to the impressive architecture, there are also plenty of pristine park spaces to explore, like Grand Park. This 12-acre “park for everyone” is located right on Grand Avenue, part of the city’s civic center, and features plenty of wide-open space for a brisk walk or an extended sit-down in the sun. You can count the hours ticking away as you watch passersby and simply enjoy the day, or check out some of the visual complexity offered by the park’s many structures. It’s a perfect spot for a day of doing not much at all.

Just Head To Venice…

For vibrant culture and amazing scenery, Venice Beach might be the spot you desire. Touring the beach offers a fresh experience all its own, and the area is also dotted with all manner of street entertainers, artisans, and more. You can see their handiwork up close and marvel at the skill and dedication with which they execute their craft. Alternatively, you could stroll the Venice canals, the product of the wild ideas of long since passed developer Abbot Kinney. The LA Times article we linked to describes the best paths to take to soak in all the splendor, and you can even bring your four-legged friend along with you to enjoy the journey.

...Or Santa Monica

You can partake of many of the same activities you’d enjoy on Venice just a bit north on Santa Monica Beach, with the added bonus of being at the spot of the world-famous Original Muscle Beach. While past its glory days and no longer outfitted with the weight training equipment of old, you can still have a great time at the birthplace of physical fitness in America. There are still swings, bars, and other fitness apparati at the site, and plenty of colorful fitness personalities enjoying their daily workouts under the California sun. You could simply watch, or jump in and work up a sweat performing a fitness routine all your own.

Learn Something At The California Science Center

Right next to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, you’ll find the site of “science learning for everyone” in LA -- the California Science Center. This is the West Coast’s “largest hands-on science center,” where you can tour exhibits, partake in interactive activities, and even check out an IMAX movie or the Space Shuttle Endeavor. You can take a look at the Science Center’s exhibits page before your trip to get an idea of what’s new and popular, planning in advance so that your excursion takes you to all the spots you want to see most. The California Science Center is open daily from 10:00AM to 5:00PM, and is, of course, free for the public.

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