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Volunteer Opportunities in LA

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Whether you live in studio apartments in Los Angeles or one of the largest houses in the community, it’s important to help those in need as often as you possibly can. That’s why becoming a member of your community and volunteering for organizations that need your time, effort, energy, and money is definitely a good thing.

For some reason, many of us fail to realize that there are wonderful benefits that go along with becoming a volunteer. Not only do you get to help somebody who could really use a hand up, you also get to feel great knowing that you’re doing something important for those less fortunate than you.

On the other hand, volunteering your time might be exactly what you’re looking for at this moment because the holidays are almost here and you’d like to help those less fortunate in the Los Angeles area. If this is the case, please keep reading because we are going to tell you about three wonderful volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles that you can get involved with right away.

So consider volunteering during the holiday season this year. These people need your help now more than ever and it’s a wonderful way to feel the holiday spirit and spread cheer among those less fortunate than you.

1. Midnight Mission

The Midnight Mission in downtown LA is an amazing organization that is truly one-of-a-kind. Even more important, it’s one of the most organized and best run organizations that provide charitable services to those in need. And this is a great place to volunteer your time because they help the homeless population receive counseling, training, education, and job placement to help them better their personal life situation.

We all have some skills that we can pass along to others. We all have access to information that can help homeless people get back on their feet. So volunteering your time at the Midnight Mission is a great way to help these men better their life situation.

As you can imagine, they need help with medical care, personal hygiene, shelter, and food, along with trying to find and hold down a job. The Mission has special events that take place regularly, and you can definitely volunteer at these exciting events like the Thanksgiving and Christmas events that are right around the corner. Or if you want to become a regular volunteer, you can sign up for regular hours if that’s what you’d prefer.

On a side note, this is an all-male facility. The people at Midnight Mission are happy to take female volunteers, but they asked them to come with a male or female companion. So please keep this in mind if you are a woman looking to volunteer at Midnight Mission.

2. One Voice

One Voice is based in[Santa Monica, CA]( and it’s an amazing organization that provides a plethora of services. One of the areas they focus on is emergency relief to families who are going through a crisis. They also help low income students gain access to scholarships and other funding so that they can go to college. This is a great organization that wants volunteers from all walks of life to help the people of the community that can really benefit from the services the most.

As an example, every year they have a Holiday Food Program that has been a smashing success in the past and will continue to be a major success in the future. During this holiday food drive, they are going to create food baskets for Christmas filled with books, toys, and food that they can distribute to the poverty-stricken families living in Los Angeles and other parts of the surrounding community. Their typical goal is to feed 2500 families during the holidays and this wonderful organization is providing an amazing service to the great people in this community.

Typically speaking, for the Christmas event they can get about 2000 volunteers to prep, sort, and package the food while listening to holiday music and socializing with one another. So not only are you going to help those in need, you may end up meeting like-minded people that you can create an instant connection with. So this is definitely a great organization that does so much for the LA community and they would absolutely love your assistance if you’re willing to lend a helping hand.

3. SOVA Community Food and Resource Program

For those looking to join a well-respected volunteer service, you may want to consider the SOVA Community Food and Resource Program. They have three main service centers located in Van Nuys, West Hollywood, and West LA. You can volunteer at one of these food pantries in a number of different ways, but ultimately know that they have lots of fresh produce and breads, packaged foods, and nutritious canned goods on hand to help feed the homeless community in these areas.

Typically speaking, the program is going to provide those in need with a free five day supply of groceries and also give the family members hygiene products as well. They need volunteers for just about everything and this is especially true as the holidays approach. So if you can help with inventory, packaging, data entry, registering clients, working with clients, and just about anything else, you can definitely make a difference this holiday season by volunteering at SOVA.

They are currently looking for two types of volunteers. Their core volunteers are looking for regular hours and their occasional volunteers are looking to help at specific times of the year. So consider your options and decide what’s best for you based on your personal situation.

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