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Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home in LA

For you and your pet, it’s safe to say that happiness starts at home! But it’s easy for apartment living to feel cramped for you and your furry companion. Luckily, you look for certain apartment features and take certain steps to make sure your Los Angeles apartment is as dog-friendly as it is human friendly.

Prioritizing Activity in Your Search

If you’re searching for a dog-friendly apartment in Los Angeles, keep exercise and potty breaks top of mind. LA is a great walking city. As such, it’s a terrific city for dog owners, and trails and parks are located within about 10 miles of any point in urban areas. But you should also think about more immediate access to green space for potty breaks and everyday activities. One way you can find this benefit is to search for LA rentals with modern architecture, as modern apartments tend to feature open lawn space that support all kinds of activity with your four-legged friend.

Creating Space for Your Pet

After you move into your LA apartment, there are a few things you can do to make the space even better for you and your companion and it starts by designating clear areas for your pet and for you. Make clear zones for your pet’s food bowls and bed, picking a place that’s easy to clean if possible. Next, think about how you use your space. If you want your dog to be lowkey in your office area, consider placing a separate bed there, and make a point to store toys in a different location. It might take your pet a little while to understand that your work space isn’t for playtime, so don’t be shy with positive reinforcement!

Regular Habits that Enhance Your Environment

There are a few other practices that can make your LA apartment the perfect home for you and your pet. While LA weather makes it easy to air your place out regularly, certain practices will stretch that clean feeling out throughout the week, no matter how much your dog sheds!

  • Don’t skip bathtime: Washing your dog once a week with a gentle shampoo is good for their coat and for your nose! Reward bath time with treats and praise, and your dog might even look forward to it.
  • Brush as much as you can: It feels like a massage for your companion, but it’s also key to distributing your dog’s skin oils to keep their hair healthy. All of this means that your animal (and apartment) stays clean even when they’re shedding!
  • Wash the dog bed: This will not only eliminate odor, but also remove hair that can otherwise spread throughout your apartment. A clean bed makes sleep more comfortable for your dog as well.
  • Clean Regularly: Regular vacuuming is essential to get your pal’s hair off the ground and furniture, but did you know that enzyme-based cleaners can help treat and remove any stains and odor? Cleaning as regularly as possible helps keep the length and intensity of the chore down, but it also means fresher air for you and your pet.

Many apartments allow pets, but it’s important to consider which apartments offer features, like lawn space, that truly accommodate and support your lifestyle as a pet owner. And wherever you live, it’s equally important that you take the time to make the space comfortable for all inhabitants. By setting up your home in a dog-friendly manner, you and your pet can enjoy a less stressful, more enjoyable life.