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Things To Do In LA in Spring

The L A skyline at sunset

What do folks in the LA apartments do when it’s time for spring to roll back around? As the winter subsides and the spring takes its place, there may not be much in the way of snow melting, or even a drastic change in the overall temperatures, but there will be a big shift in the attitude and what’s going on around town. If you want to get out in late March and early April to welcome spring back to town, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of fun events that will be going on, along with some of the self-guided activities that you’ll be able to get into to get into the spring spirit.

Hit Up The Parks & Recreation

The city of Los Angeles has a wide range of facilities, most of which you can view at the LA Parks website. Among the many offerings, you can choose from campgrounds, tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, skate parks, beaches, lakes and more. You could take part in some day camps, you could visit one of the city’s many museums, or you could even take part in some activities at any number of the city’s outside fitness zones. What might be the Department Of Recreation And Parks best offering, though is The Greek Theatre.

Located within the highly popular Griffith Park, the Greek Theatre is hailed as one of the nation’s “most beloved and recognized outdoor entertainment venues,” having played host to big names from Elton John to Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, Carlos Santana, and beyond. The 5,900 seat venue is owned by the City Of Los Angles but managed by SMG. This spring, they’ll be kicking off the spring season with an opening night concert from Cole Swindell, with special guests Chris Janson and Lauren Alaina, starting 7:30PM on April 7th.

Part of his “Reason To Drink” tour, this performance will be a showcase of what has made Swindell so famous: “In just over three years since he made his debut on Warner Bros. Records, Swindell has racked up an impressive and incomparable record-breaking SEVEN No. 1 singles; 10 No. 1 singles as a songwriter; one 1 billion audience reaching single (“You Should Be Here”), five Platinum singles; one Gold single; a Platinum-certified debut album; a Gold-certified sophomore album (You Should Be Here) as well as numerous SONGWRITING honors and awards.”

It’ll be a great way to kick off spring, and who knows, you might be able to check out some of the other concerts at The Greek Theatre as the spring rolls on and the summer eventually comes as well. This will hardly be the only testament to spring, though, as you’ll also have the chance to head to Descanso Gardens to check out…

The Cherry Blossom Festival

Descanso Gardens is one of the city’s “urban retreats of year-round natural beauty.” As spring comes to town here, so do the spring blooms and the various Cherry Blossom themed events at the garden. It all starts with the Spring Bloom Walks, where you can simply stroll through the gardens and learn about the cherry blossoms in a casual, guided fashion. Then come the hands-on Origami demonstrations, which will teach you exactly how to fold from the experts.

On the 24th, there will be a jazz performance courtesy of Abe Lagrimas Jr., showing off the Hawaiian, folk, and contemporary stylings of the ukelele. Dr. Kendall Brown will teach guests to the garden about Japanese Woodblock Art, and you’ll also get to learn about Ikebana from master Kaz Yokou Kitajima. It will all end with the opportunity to make your own flower arrangement to commemorate the coming of spring. If you’re interested in touring the gardens and enjoying the trees, this will be the right series of events to attend.

The Japanese Food Festival

A nice accompaniment to the Cherry Blossom Festival and the coming of spring is the Japanese Food Festival. Held at the InterContinental in DTLA on Wilshire Boulevard, there will be two dates to take advantage of this amazing assemblage of food: March 2nd and March 3rd. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the fun the event organizers have arranged for:

50+ Exhibitors featuring food samples and exclusives including flavors not yet in wide distribution in the US

  • Sake and Beer Tasting (for adults 21+)
  • Japanese Cultural Performances
  • Maguro (Tuna) Filleting Performance
  • Mega Roll Sushi
  • Temaki Sushi Rolls
  • Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)
  • Ramen
  • Japanese curry
  • Japan Travel Exhibit
  • Door Prizes
  • And much more food

This will be an event where photography is highly encouraged, so be sure to grab your camera before you head down there and take plenty of shots to share.

Westweek 2018

When’s the last time you checked out the Pacific Design Center? It’s long been hailed as the “West Coast’s leading resource for the traditional and contemporary residential and contract furnishings, fabrics, floor coverings, architectural products, wallcoverings, lighting, kitchen and bath products, and accessories.” With some 1.6 million square-feet to present their international showroom brands, this is a testament to cutting edge design in the heart of West Hollywood.

Near the beginning of spring, from March 21st to March 22nd, there will be Westweek, the annual spring market and Pacific Design Center’s showcase for global design: “Each March, WESTWEEK debuts an array of luxury furnishings and interior resources crafted by today’s foremost design innovators. The two-day event features keynote programs, product introductions and showroom happenings, complemented by presentations from the nation’s leading shelter publications, editors and tastemakers.” It will be the place to go to check out what the latest and greatest will be in home furnishings and other products will be for spring. You’ll not want to miss it.

The LA Apartments Are In The Middle Of Spring’s Bloom

And how magnificent it will be when spring arrives in full force. LA apartment complexes like The Madrid are only a hop, skip, and a jump from all these other hotspots within the city, so you can check out The Greek Theatre, Cherry Blossom Festival, Japanese Food Festival, and Westweek as long as you have the time to do so. Check it out, and make The Madrid your first choice for living in the city.