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The Madrid's Neighborhood

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We already know that The Madrid apartments are located in up-and-coming Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, and that said neighborhood is on an upward swing driven by a change in the population the the rise of the nearby tech industry. But what is there to actually see around here? For those unfamiliar with Westchester, its previous reputation as a quiet place to hang your hat might give the impression that there's nothing of interest around here. That couldn't be further from the truth, though, as there are quite a few fun things to do and see both in Westchester directly and the adjacent areas.

Having Fun Around Westchester

Starting right in Westchester, you can head over to the Westchester Golf Course and play a few holes. Located just north of LAX, at 6900 West Manchester Avenue, this "18-hole, 4,364 yard public golf course is a fun and affordable challenge for golfers of all abilities." They've got leagues, programs and instruction to improve your play, and it all comes with a "casual" feel that keeps playing here laid-back and relaxing.

Heading inland just a bit, you'll come across the Hollywood Park Casino, right on 3883 West Century Boulevard in Inglewood. It's just a short ride from LAX and Westchester, and the casino has elevated it's facilities in recent years:

"Hollywood Park Casino has just completed an exciting and major revitalization that has transformed it into the premier casino and entertainment destination in Southern California."

The casino features Poker, Blackjack, Pai Gow, Baarat, and more for interested players to partake in. They even have 24-hour instructional tables to get you coached up on the intricacies of a particular game before you jump into the real action. There are regular tournaments here, and, as you'd expect from a casino, generous offerings in dining and lounging as well.

Back Near LAX, you can avail yourself of the "hands-on learning environment" of the Flight Path Museum & Learning Center. This educational facility is run from the LAX Imperial Terminal. Though Flight Path Museum & Learning Center was founded in 1995, the Imperial Terminal location was not established until 2002, originally as a tribute to the 75th anniversary of LAX and the 100th anniversary of the first powered flight. This proximity and close relationship with LAX is, according to its founders, what gives Flight Path its unique appeal:

"Unique among the fine aviation museums in Southern California is the Flight Path Museum & Learning Center, the only aviation museum and research center situated at a major airport and the only facility with a primary emphasis on contributions of civil aviation to the history and development of Southern California."
In addition to the exhibits and aircraft on display, the Flight Path is also home to a scheduled lecture series, designed to educate any who are interested about the history of aviation and great milestones in the craft of piloting.

Since Westchester is close to the beach, you'll have your picks on which you'd like to check out. You might try going just south to Manhattan Beach, home of the Manhattan Beach Pier. The 928-foot structure is an attraction for both locals and visitors to the area, and draws in plenty of photographers and artists who take in and record the stunning views for their art. Manhattan Beach is famous for Volleyball, and while you're here you might do well to check out the Volleyball Walk Of Fame, which honors the winners of the annual Manhattan Beach Open volleyball tournament.

Alternatively, you could head northwest of Westchester to see Venice Beach. A Southern California icon, the beach brings in people from all over, with an estimated 30,000 visitors passing through each day and a total of ten million each year. Of the many fine features Venice Beach has to offer, the Venice Boardwalk may be one of the most recognizable.

It stretches over two miles and plays home to hundreds of street vendors and street performers, along with the instantly recognizable Muscle Beach Venice Gym. While you're at Venice, you might take part in some basketball, handball, or paddle tennis, though, the most prominent athletic activity in the area is skating. Venice has long been known as the Roller Skating Capital Of The World, and a visit to the sunny beach will instantly show you why.

In close proximity to Venice Beach is Marina Del Rey. The world's largest man-made small craft harbor, it contains eight separate "basins" that can house a total of 5,300 boats. Just walking around and admiring all the boats is refreshing enough. Taking part in the any fun water (and land) activities that Marina Del Rey has to offer makes for an even more thrilling visit. You might catch a meal at one of the many restaurants here, do some paddle boarding or parasailing, or catch a weekend concert (free of charge). Of particular note to those among you that love Fall festivities, the Marina Spooktacular will be taking place in late-October, and will be a family friendly extravaganza filled with all sorts of Halloween-themed attractions.

Or, you could just keep things simple. Westchester has more than its fair share of burger joints, you'd do just as well traipsing over to In-N-Out Burger, Shake Shack, or any of the other fine offerings in the area, ordering the tastiest burger you can locate on the menu, and chowing down before you head back home to take it easy.

Why Not Make Home The Madrid Apartments

It's the best way to make all the wonders of the Western-Los Angeles open to you. In addition to being able to enjoy the many points of interest in the area, The Madrid itself makes for a great place to live. The complex, located on Belford Avenue, is a prime position, close to many of the shopping, dining, and entertainment options around the neighborhood. The units you'll find at The Madrid are diverse and cover multiple layouts for various lifestyles. All are roomy though, and provide the space you'll need to set up right. The building's many features are geared toward providing comfort and convenience for residents. All-in-all, The Madrid is place where you can experience true happiness in one of the most welcoming parts of the city.