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Masters Skills For Every Cook

A cook dicing vegetables

So, you consider yourself something of an amateur chef? The cooking champion of the Los Angeles apartment rentals? Or maybe you’re just starting your adventures in cooking on your own, and you’re still perfecting many of your techniques? Either way, there are some key skills that every amateur chef should have under their belt, and today, we’re going to be bringing a few of these to your attention, so you can better impress any potential guests you’ll have in the future with your cooking prowess. Here’s what you should know.

How to Find Ingredients

You’d be surprised how many would-be cooks haven’t even grasped the most important part of the chef’s trade! You can’t cook if you don’t have ingredients to cook with, so your first order of business is learning how to select ingredients from the store. This means becoming familiar with our local grocer, what they stock, and the individuals who work there. You’ll also want to get in the habit of keeping ingredients on hand in your home so you’re always ready to try out a new recipe.

How to Use Your Knives

If you’re going to be cooking, you’re going to be doing plenty of slicing, dicing, chopping, and the like, which means you need to know how to wield your chef’s knife with confidence. Take some time out to get familiarized with how to use your knife, how to make those perfect cuts, different grips, and start building your accuracy and speed with your knife as soon as possible.

The Basics of Flavor

A chef who doesn’t understand flavor is no true chef. If you want to take your amateur cooking skills to the next level, you need at least a rudimentary understanding of how to control the various elements of the cooking process to create flavor within your dishes.

Salts and spices, for instance, can be applied directly to different dishes to enhance or alter flavors present within them. Heat — an essential ingredient for cooking — can be controlled to enhance flavors and influence the texture of food. There are plenty more “ingredients” that go into controlling flavor as well, and as a chef, it’s up to you to discover and gain control of them all.

Basic Cooking Tasks

Before you enter the kitchen, make sure you’ve got some of the key rudiments under your belt: how to scramble eggs, how to make and knead dough, how to roast a chicken, etc. These are the simple building blocks that you’ll be building upon in your cooking career, and as masters of any craft can tell you, it all starts with solid fundamentals.

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