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Hottest Spots In Grand Avenue

Close up of four cocktail drinks at a bar

There’s little denying that the sections of Grand Avenue that cut through DTLA have made a name for themselves in recent years with a plethora of quality bars and restaurants. These hangouts are virtually the main attraction for the area (with the others being the landmarks and museums), especially if you’re coming to hangout in this part of town from the LAX apartments over on the westside or from somewhere south in the city (in which case you might not experience DTLA too often).

Now, let’s say you’re coming over to DTLA to see the sights and want to stop off somewhere to grab a meal or a drink (among great company, mind you). You’ll want to head out with some options in mind first, and that’s where we step into the equation. Today, we’re going to be hipping you to the hottest spots to keep on your radar around Grand Avenue. While you’re out exploring the landmarks, keep an eye for these bars and restaurants, making them your choice when it’s time for a respite.

The Love Song Bar

With a name like “Love Song,” it should come as no surprise that musical performances are a frequent sight at this establishment on South Main Street. Check the lineup, and you’ll see they have performances scheduled for most nights out of the month, and some of your favorites might be a semi-regular fixture on the stage. You’ll also note that more than music dots the calendar; the occasional game night, after party, or other event will be there for you to enjoy as well. On top of the top-tier entertainment, you’ll find the drinks here are of stellar quality as well. They don’t skimp on ingredients, and have more than their fair share of signature cocktails you’ll have fun sampling during your excursion through DTLA.

Blue Cow

Have you ever seen a blue cow before? You’re not likely to either, unless you head to South Grand Street and visit the Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar, an establishment that puts the LA spin on regional American cuisine. Founders Ellen and Mario place an emphasis on using local, sustainable, organic, and seasonal ingredients in their creations, so you might find the menu shifting depending on the time of year, and that the dishes are a bit fresher than the standard fare you might eat elsewhere. Top this off with a hearty drink menu and a wide open patio space from which to enjoy it, and you’ve got the recipe for a relaxing hangout here near the Disney Concert Hall.

Bottega Louie

Over on South Grand is also where you’ll find Bottega Louie, the combination restaurant, gourmet market, patisserie, and café. In addition to the expansive menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, you’ll also find plenty of desserts and pastries on offer here, which you can stock up on for the road if you’re in the mood for sweets. If you’re stopping by on the weekend, you’ll definitely want to try the brunch menu, which includes a mix of small plates, sandwiches, traditional breakfast items, and even pizza. Bottega Louie is one of those rare spots that seems to truly have it all.


When it comes to historic settings, few in DTLA can match Redbird on East 2nd Street, which occupies the former site of St. Vibiana’s Cathedral giving it an aesthetic quite unlike any other dining experience you’ve had before. Saying this place is fancy might be a bit of an understatement, and we haven’t even touched upon the menu yet. They have a titanic list of options to choose from, and a good many of them are appropriate for sharing (so bring a group if you can). The food, much like the former church itself, is a marvel to gaze at. Unlike the church, though, the food here is edible, and, by most accounts, quite delicious.

Cole’s French Dip

We can’t talk about downtown landmarks and hotspots without throwing a mention to Cole’s. Over on East 6th Street is where you’ll find this legendary establishment, and while we won’t “dip” our toes into the debate about whether or not they’re the true originators of the French Dip (Thrillist has already done a worthy exploration on that topic), we will say that Cole’s continues to pack in the crowds for a reason. Those sandwiches are amazing, and the atmosphere is perfect for a cozy, neighborhood hangout. That right there is all the reason you need to check it out.


For fine Italian, you’ll definitely want to head to Terroni on South Spring Street. It’s modern, it’s trendy, and the pasta is always cooked to perfection. It’s not just pasta, mind you, they’ve got a whole stash of regional Italian recipes that have been handed down through the generations, so no matter what your fancy, you can rest assured you’ll be getting that authentic Italian flavor when you order here.

La Cita Bar

There’s something undeniably charming about how unassuming La Cita looks from the exterior. Head inside, though, and you’ll realize this establishment isn’t just a second-tier drinking hole. This is the real California deal, with fantastic drinks, outstanding company, and great live acts that come through on a regular basis. There’s a reason they’ve been around for more than sixty years. See for yourself when you head over to South Hill Street downtown.

Getting There From the LAX Apartments

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