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Holiday Movie Series In LA

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The Holidays and movies seem to go hand-in-hand, no? There are tons of great Christmas movies out there, and outlets across the net, from Rotten Tomatoes to Metacritic and even POPSUGAR compiling their lists of holiday favorites. The point is, there are plenty of great holiday movies to watch, but, instead of just plopping down on the couch and seeing which ones you can pull from Netflix or your video collection, why not go to a venue with a more communal setting to watch your flicks this year? Residents of the Los Angeles apartments might already know that the Ultimate Holiday Movie Series will grant an opportunity to do just that, but, if you weren’t already aware, here are some details to get you filled in.

What Is The Ultimate Holiday Movie Series?

The Ultimate Holiday Movie Series is a collaboration between Timeout and the Rooftop Cinema Club:

“Rooftop Cinema Club, the masters of outdoor rooftop movie viewing are back this festive season and partnering with Time Out for 19 nights of holiday movies on the roof of the Montalbán in Hollywood from Friday, December 1 to Saturday, December 23.”

Timeout you might already know as the worldwide guide on what to do in your city, they’ve usually just got the lowdown on events like this one, but, in this case, they’ve had a hand in making it happen as well. As for the Rooftop Cinema Club, the name says it all. They’ve found a way to craft the ultimate rooftop movie watching experience, complete with great film choices, amazing views of the city, comfy seating, and wireless headphones that allow audiences to hear everything in a movie the way it was meant to be heard.

They operate out of two locations, but the Ultimate Holiday Movie Series will be taking place at the Ricardo Montalban Theater on Vine Street in Hollywood (it’s an iconic location, and one that’s perfect for watching movies). As for the movies that will be on rotation for this December spectacular? You can check out the complete programme on Rooftop Cinema Club’s website. It’s filled with a number of classics, like Elf, Muppet Christmas Carol, Miracle On 34th Street, and Scrooged. Be sure to find your favorites and plan for a fabulous night out.

OK, so what about the actual logistics of the evening? It’s December, which means the temperatures are going to be falling, and you’ll be outdoors watching a movie? If you’re worried things are going to be frigid and unbearable, don’t be:

“These are going to be the most cozy outdoor movie screenings you’ve ever experienced, with warm blankets available on site and hot drinks ready to heat you up (including mulled wine, of course).”

In fact, when it comes to showing movies at the Montalban Theater, Rooftop Cinema Club is all about providing you with high-quality refreshments. You can peruse the menu here. As you can see, it chock full of all manner of superb libations. Wine, craft beer, cocktails -- not that you’ll need them to sit through these fantastic Christmas movies, but they’ll certainly add some additional fun to the mix.

For even more fun, think about some of your favorite movie quotes to up the anticipation for seeing some of these holiday classics. Rooftop Cinema Club already has a short list of a few gems, but there are plenty more where that came from. If you’re heading to the theater with a friend (as you well should be) you can even turn it into a movie quote game. Guess the favorites right to see who gets to order drinks and who gets the best seats.

While you’re at the theater, be sure to observe the most pertinent rules pertaining to its proper functioning. First and foremost: no kids. There’s alcohol here, so the younglings will have to stay behind while you enjoy the find films (even if the movies skew towards the younger crowds). This fact also means you should have you ID with you as well, so you can prove you’re over 21 and gain entry to the event (you’ll get kicked out if you look under 25).

Seating at the theater is not pre-allocated. Get there early, and you get your choice of the best seats in the house. Cut it close to showtime, though, and you’ll be left with what’s available (which might not be what you want). To ensure you have the best seats, make sure you arrive at least 45 minutes early.

If you get a ticket and learn you might not be able to make it, don’t fret. You can just give your ticket to a friend and they can have all the fun in your stead:

“The tickets aren't bound to you by name, so you can email them to whoever you want and that person can use them freely. So if you've double booked yourself, there's nothing to worry about. Though if the reason is that your boss is making you stay late, give us their number and we'll have a word.”

Finally, if, for whatever reason, it rains on the day that a screening is supposed to occur, or a cancellation must happen for some other reason, the theater will keep you informed:

“In the event of a cancelled screening, you will receive an email notifying you from Rooftop Cinema Club, and the screening/your tickets will be rescheduled to a different date. The cancellation will also be reflected on the website programming page, and we will put out a message on social media.”

As you can see, Rooftop Cinema Club has all the angles covered, so all you need to worry about is picking out a movie, getting a ticket, and getting on down to the theater to enjoy the show.

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