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Fall Designs For Apartments

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Trying to get creative in studio apartments around Los Angeles can pose something of a challenge. Even in more spacious studios, you might not have the most room to work with, and what room you do have to work with is likely taken up with certain essentials that make it difficult to decorate around. If you're trying to get your Fall-themed decorating genius into full swing this year, your studio may have hampered you with no end of difficulty, but no longer. With some of these tips, tailor-made for getting design done in smaller spaces, you'll be flexing your Fall-decorating muscles in no time, and getting ready to show off your work to your friends and family to boot.

Studio Decorating: The Unique Challenge

It's something well-known among those that live in studio apartment and those that try to make them look great: moving stuff around and trying cram things into a small space is difficult. On top of that, there are plenty of mistakes you can fall victim to when trying to decorate a studio that will dash your design hopes before they even begin.

As a primer to getting into the swing of fall decorating, be sure to review and avoid those critical errors for studio designing, and, conversely, take to heart these much advised tips so you can achieve the best results. With all of that knowledge well in mind, we can graduate to Fall-specific design ideas that mill make your studio look as Autumn-y as you care to make it.

How To Get Your Studio Into The Fall Theme

Your mission will be trying to incorporate the essential fall elements without overloading your studio with too much stuff. Your amount of space is limited, so you'll have to be judicious about what you find important among Fall decorating items and what you consider to be superfluous.

For a studio, there are two things that you might consider essential for a Fall theme. For your entryway, you'll want to add a wreath. This shows guests and passersby that you're serious about fall and you're taking the right steps to get in the swing of things. While it may be expeditious to simply buy a wreath from a local craft or decorating store, you'll get a lot more mileage if you decide to DIY your wreath instead.

This guide features ten such examples of DIY wreaths, along with walkthroughs for how to create each. You can follow the guides to the letter to ensure they come out precisely as planned, or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can use the guides as a loose suggestion and add a personal touch to any of the examples that you see. The choice is yours.

When it comes to your studio interior, we again need to keep in mind the fact that space is limited. To ensure that you're able to maximize your apartment's limited space, your best bet is to pick one larger "centerpiece" item to focus your decorating around.

What can you use as your centerpiece? The choices are broad, but a no matter which you go with, it should be large enough to draw the eye and really evoke that Fall spirit to a greater degree that every other decoration that you use. One possibility is going with the tried-and-true ceramic turkey. It's representative of the Thanksgiving season and you can position it most anywhere in an apartment to great effect.

If you're not keen on going with the turkey (or just aren't a fan of ceramics) there are other directions you can take your centerpiece in. For example, Fall is the time for pumpkins, so you can score yourself a large one (or create a faux-pumpkin on your own) to display prominently in your studio for all to see. Alternatively, you can get some oversized pillows (which themselves might feature a pumpkin, turkey, or colorful fall leaves) for your couch or bed, and make those the focus of your fall decorating patterns.

Regardless, once you have your centerpiece in place, allow it to set the tone and start decorating around it with smaller items. You'll refer to it for your overall color scheme and to inform some of the patterns you'll be using around your studio. You've got plenty more options to choose from with smaller items, and, just like with getting your wreath for the door, DIY is going to come in handy here.

Perhaps you' hang some leaves and branches around to give your apartment the appearance of the a forest whose leaves are slowly changes colors? You might build upon the pumpkin-patch style of interior decorating with either more real or fake pumpkins.

If you're feeling somewhat creative you might get to spray painting them to fit a particular color scheme as well. If you're feeling especially creative, you'll go ahead and paint a whole scene on your pumpkin(s) to wow guests and weave a story into your decorating.

Sticking with flora and foliage for a moment, you might also try grabbing a vase or bottle and stuffing it with some fall-centric grasses, fruits, nuts, and such to evoke a Fall feel. Baskets with flowers and bits of fall foliage would also fit the bill.

Moving on, you could go with some fall art or text art to frame and hang (or prop) in different sections of your home. These are particularly popular options because they are so easy to add to a space, and the wide variety of both art and frame choices means you can customize a look that works perfectly for you in your home.

Top things off by achieving the perfect fall scent. This is where your holiday candles will come into play. You might go with some of the famed pumpkin spice options, or prefer a "fruity" candle scent like a cranberry or something similar. Either way, well-positioned candles will help make your studio smell great while adding that last visual touch to pull off your fall decorating.

Turn Your Studio Apartments In Los Angeles Into Fall Wonders

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