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Easter Like the Good Old Days

Close up of a speckled egg on a plate next to tulips

Times have certainly changed. From technology to classic dinners, nothing is quite the same as it used to be. Even Easter has changed in the way it’s celebrated from apartments in Los Angeles to the tip of Maine. If you’re yearning for the nostalgic days of old this Easter, then you might be surprised to learn that you can easily recreate them. With a few nifty tricks and a little know-how, here’s how to celebrate the holiday like the good old days.

The Good Meat

Doesn’t everything seem to taste different nowadays? Tomatoes lack flavor, bananas aren’t as sweet, and turkey just isn’t what it used to be. Well, a lot of that has to do with overly processed and industry-driven foods.

If you want to taste a turkey that sends your taste buds back to your childhood, then purchase one from a local farm. Choosing something hormone-free and organic is guaranteed way to match the flavor profile you remember. Plus, you’re supporting a local business.


Decorations do not look like they used to, but that’s a hard fact to change. While you can’t convince companies to make old-style décor for the holiday, you can liven up your home with a timeless classic. Purchase some Easter lilies and make them the centerpiece of the dinner table.

Alternatively, you can liven up someone’s day by sending them lilies (which used to be a popular tradition). Either way, bringing those Easter lilies back is an excellent way to rekindle the spirit of the holiday.

Play A Little Music

If you were part of choir or band back in the day, then you might have played for a local Easter service or parade. Chances are, you aren’t the only one who knows how to play an instrument in your family. See if you can get them to bring theirs and create an Easter jam session.

On the flip side, you can always put on classic tunes from the good old days. Introduce your family to popular songs from different eras, making sure to play some of your favorites. This is an excellent conversation starter.

Dress to the 9s

Remember when everyone used to wear their Sunday best on Easter? Why not bring that tradition back? Have the family wear their sharpest attire for the holiday to bring back the nostalgia of Easter Sunday.

Bring Back the Corsage

Easter corsages used to be all the rage, but people tend to forego this classic tradition. Give a member of your family one this holiday or wear one yourself. They look fantastic and make an amazingly thoughtful gift.

The Table

In today’s hectic times, dinner is rarely eaten around the family table. Thanks to the holiday, however, most of your family probably has the day off. Take this time to have a sit-down dinner (or lunch/brunch) with everyone gathered around for the meal.

The Pianist

Television wasn’t always the popular form of entertainment it is today. You can probably recall everyone gathering around the piano and singing tunes from church hymns to classic hits. If you’ve got the skills and a piano, why not bring that tradition back?

The Classics

Eventually, the television will be turned on. That’s perfectly fine, but you can still incorporate a piece of the good old days with a classic film. Pick one of your all-time favorites and introduce to the younger generations in your family. Who knows, they might discover they love the classics.

One-a-Penny, Two-a-Penny

Hot cross buns were everywhere starting on Good Friday and heading into Easter Sunday. If you miss these tasty pastries, then make a batch of your own as part of the feast. They’re incredibly easy to bake, and the ingredients are relatively cheap.

Kick the Can

The games kids play have changed from physical ones to digital ones, but that doesn’t mean the classics aren’t fun. Introduce the younger generations to the games you played as a kid. Marbles, jacks, and Tap the Egg are a few examples. Don’t be afraid to break out old board games, either.

Warm Wishes

People rarely send cards anymore since they can just text or message someone. If you want to bring back the nostalgia of Easters past, then pick up a few cards and send them out to those you love. It’s a thoughtful gift, especially for those family members who live too far away to make it home for the holidays.


When was the last time you went to an Easter parade? Believe it or not, communities across the country still celebrate this age-old tradition. Check your local area’s calendar to see if there’s one happening near you on Easter weekend.

The Famed Baskets

While families across America still give each other Easter baskets, there are plenty that stopped practicing this tradition. If you family doesn’t partake in this tradition, then it might be time to bring it back. Putting together an Easter basket is simple, budget-friendly, and an excellent way to help strengthen family ties.

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