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Don't Miss the L.A. Winefest

Three women posing for a photo with glasses of red wine in hand

Let’s say that you love fun, are always ready for a good glass of wine, and reside in the fabulous L.A. apartments. What’s the one event you have no excuse missing? If your answer happens to be the L.A. Winefest, you’re right on the money:
“Listen up, winos! LAWineFest is in its 13th season and better than ever, bringing wines, brews and spirits from all over the world to thirsty Angelenos.”

To us, that sounds like a rip-roaring good time, and if you’re the kind that likes to mingle with glass in hand, we’re sure you’ll agree. So, what will you need to know in advance of this grand occasion? Where should you go, and what should you do to prepare?

Those are exactly the kinds of questions we plan on answering today, as we explain just what the Winefest is all about and all the reasons you’re not going to want to miss out on this one.

What’s the L.A. Winefest?

Perhaps the first and most pertinent question we need to answer is this one. The aforementioned quote provides a decent enough summary, but it’s likely you’re looking for a bit more detail.

For that, we turn to the story of the L.A. Winefest and its esteemed founder, Dr. Joel M. Fisher. He is a member of several prominent wine-oriented groups, including the Society of Wine Educators, The Circle of Wine Writers (UK), and the International Federation of Wine and Spirits Writers.

As you might imagine, a man of such affiliations has written extensively about wine, has taught extensively about wine, and has a passion for this drink of the gods that surpasses any normal humans. It’s because of this that he launched the Winefest, all with the intention to “to bring wine and people together in an inviting and accessible way.” From the press release:

“Often called LA's Signature Celebration of all Things Wine, the festival attracts more than 5,000 attendees. A perfect combination of award-winning wines and artisan beers as our brewers take their place side by side in crafting with as much care as the winemakers.”

At this fine event, guest are invited to sample exemplary wines brought from the world over, from “crisp Sauvignon Blancs” to “well-balanced Pinot Noirs,” and even a few cold beers as well. For longtime “winos” and even new enthusiasts, this is the type of opportunity that can’t be forfeited under any circumstances.

Even with the strong emphasis being on wine and beer, however, the Winefest encompasses more than just that. There’s also a love of food expressed at the event, as food trucks offering “intense gourmet meals prepared on the spot” arrive at location en masse.

In addition you’ll also find a number of boutique artisans, peddling their well-crafted wares as you strut about, food, beer, and wine in hand. To top it all off, a portion of the money raised by L.A. Winefest goes straight to charity. What could be better?

And before we forget, the event takes place at ROW DTLA. If you weren’t already aware, this now re-imagined heart of downtown is the epicenter of all things art, culture, and retail, nestled among the many historic buildings that call the area home. Perhaps once you’ve had your fill at the Winefest, you can do a bit of exploration?

Be sure to check out some images from last year’s Winefest to get a good idea of what’s in store for 2018.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Like most events this gargantuan, the L.A. Winefest comes courtesy of some prominent sponsors. For this year, Los Angeles Magazine, Icelandic Glacial, Pasquini Coffee, and King Barrel have all thrown in their generous support.

As for the Exhibitors that will be showing off their amazing wine, beer, food, and more, the list is a bit too long to cover here, but you can see the full roster by heading to the L.A. Winefest’s 2018 Exhibitors page. Some standouts include Cloak & Dagger Wines, Lagunitas Brewing Company, The Berlin Truck, and Chillnjoy.

If you’ve any interest in becoming either an exhibitor or a sponsor, you can find the appropriate registration pages here (for exhibitors) and here (for sponsors).

As you’ll recall, a portion of the proceeds from the Winefest will be going to charity. This year’s beneficiary is the L.A. Jazz Society:

“Founded in 1983, the mission of the Los Angeles Jazz Society is to ‘keep jazz alive’ but educating and exciting our young people about the art of jazz music.”

Through numerous programs, thousands of Los Angeles youth get to learn about one of the most American of all musical artforms, honing their skills at the craft and becoming prominent musicians in their own right. If for no other reason, you might attend to help out the musically-inclined youngsters of the city, giving them a shot at furthering their artistic education.

Attendance Information

Speaking of attending the Winefest, you can snag your tickets here (limit 10 per customer). With your purchase, gain entry to the event, which will also net you a free wine glass, access to water and coffee, sample bites, attendance to all the presentations on the main stage, and the booming sounds of the house DJ.

Food and artisan wares will be for sale inside the event, and you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase some of the wines that you enjoy. While wine cannot be sold directly at the event for legal reasons, the wineries on site will be offering special discounts for guests which can then be used at the winery websites.

Remember, the Winefest is taking place June 2nd and 3rd. Get ready early and come prepared to enjoy a fabulous, wine-infused good time.

Winefests Go Hand-in-Hand With the L.A. Apartments

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