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Best Happy Hours In Koreatown

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If you’ve got a place for rent in Los Angeles, you’re probably already aware of Koreatown’s reputation as a great neighborhood, filled with places to grab a bite, grab a drink, and kick back for a few hours to unwind and enjoy yourself. Pick a place — any place — and you could likely find one of those things to get you by. Finding all three, however, and with great prices to boot, is an entirely different beast. Thankfully, we’re here to hip you to where you’ll find some of the best happy hours and the best deals while you’re cruising Koreatown, so read on, and prepare to add a few new spots to your shortlist.

Your New Koreatown Favorites

When we’re talking great happy hours in Koreatown, we’re talking about locations that combine tasty food with great drinks, awesome prices, and a welcoming atmosphere that’s hard to match. Few places fit the description quite like The Venue, the always-amazing karaoke bar on Wilshire Boulevard.

Founded back in 2017, it bills itself as LA’s “first subterranean dining and karaoke destination,” which should give you some clue as to the elegant, high-concept feel they’re going for with their atmosphere. Beyond the mesmerizing location, though, you’ll enjoy your drinks on the cheap here, with 5-dollar beers galore served amply throughout happy hour. This should give you all the motivation you need to try your hand at a few renditions of those old karaoke favorites.

If you’re cool on the karaoke, though, and instead just want to stack up reasonably priced snacks and drinks to your heart’s content, you might instead head over to the Hae Ha Heng Thai Bistro over on South Western Avenue. You’ll find gyoza and fried wontons for a dollar a pop here, and during happy hour, you’ll also have your choice of cheap wings, cheap beef skewers, and even cheaper beer. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe some hot sake or soju to get you in that happy hour mood?

And if you’re looking for a LA Times recommended location to hit up, you can always saunter over to West 6th Street to give Here’s Looking At You a try. The bar has been praised by Jonathan Gold himself:

“You would expect a splendid bar in a restaurant like this and there is one, with cocktails designed by Allan Katz and Danielle Crouch, formerly of Caa, that are remarkable in their inventiveness, including a cognac swizzle dedicated to the late Ships Coffee Shop.”

And there are plenty of other cocktails that will hold your interest, so when you’ve got some time to kill during happy hour, be sure to pop over to Here’s Looking At You and trying out some blends that will expand your horizons.

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