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Best Costume Stores in LA

A couple trying on hats

Halloween is, quite literally, right around the corner, so every single twenty-something around is going to be falling out of their studio apartments in Los Angeles to try and get a last minute outfit for that cool costume party they’ll undoubtedly be attending. Perhaps you count yourself among this group? Or maybe you’re not part of the younger crowd but still want to get a great outfit to impress the neighborhood kids when they stop by for a few handfuls of candy?

No matter what your reasoning for wanting an elaborate Halloween getup, there are places all around the city where you can find the perfect digs and even a few extra decorations to give your living space the ideal Halloween aesthetic. Today, we’re going to be covering a few top options, along with some suggestions for making your Halloween getup look better than it has in years.

Ursula’s Costumes

Located in Santa Monica, Ursula’s Costumes is one of those venerated, year-round stores where you can always stop in for a done up and out of the ordinary pair of vestments. Since every single day is like Halloween here, you can often find a wider selection than you would at most other places, and they’ve got a balance of outfits for both adults and children. In addition to the costumes and legendary accessories, they’ve got all the extra gear you could ask for to make Halloween truly memorable, including fog machines and props like “severed” feet and hands.

For guys, we recommend trying out the crazy steampunk outfits. Grab a duster, vest, top hat, and cane, then you’ll be the most dapper individual at your Halloween soiree (unless someone else comes dressed as a 1920s-era gangster or 1970s-era pimp). For the ladies, the medieval princess look never gets tired, and it’ll be the perfect excuse to throw on a bit of ostentatious costume jewelry too. And before you accuse us of skipping over the kids, we think the throwback disco costumes at Ursula’s are some of the best around, so let the kids express their “groovy” side this year.

Cinema Secrets

Want to get done up, Hollywood style? The Cinema Secrets beauty store in Burbank goes all out for Halloween, when they completely transform their aesthetic to that of a local “Hollywood Headquarters” and the staff kicks it into high gear in trying to help you nail down the perfect look. In addition to all the great costumes available, they’ve got many a talented makeup artist in their employ; you’ll be able to get top-of-the-line advice on how to complete your costume with some makeup effects that go above and beyond just a little bit of face paint or some color contacts.

On that front, they’ve got a range of foam prosthetics that will transform your face into whatever you want it to be. Have designs of being a creepy clown? Go for it. Want to embrace your fantasy side and be a noble wood elf this Halloween? Cinema Secrets will give you what you need to pull the look of with the utmost style. They’ve even got little extras like fake blood that’ll help set the scene for your perfect Halloween fright show at home. Those unsuspecting trick-or-treaters will swear it’s real.

Adele’s of Hollywood

For a theatrical take on Halloween, Adele’s of Hollywood, located in Los Feliz, has been in the game since 1945, and have been making elaborate costumes for movie studios, commercials, schools, government agencies, and private individuals since their inception. In anticipation for the Halloween rush, they’re operating on extended hours through Halloween (seven days a week) and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to swing by and grab the perfect costume for yourself.

As you can see, their selection runs the gamut. You can go sci-fi with a cool Star Wars or Star Trek getup (we won’t weigh in on which is better), keep it classic with a vampire, mummy, or Frankenstein’s monster getup, get in touch with your inner cowboy by donning an Old West duster and prop gun, or even go with the pulp hero look, channeling Zorro or The Shadow. If you’re heading here, there’s no reason for you not to look like the best-dressed at whatever Halloween function you’re attending.

Make Believe Inc.

Ever wanted a personal costume stylist? You can achieve this lifelong goal by heading to Make Believe Inc. in West LA. Their staff has the theater and costume design background required to make you look like you just stepped off of a set somewhere, along with plenty of professional knowledge to help make recommendations on what look would suit you best this year. Like many stores around, they’re working on “Halloween hours” for the holiday, but you’ll be best served if you make an appointment ahead of time.

If you’re going the rental route here, you’ll be greeted with a wide ranging selection that covers the traditional favorites: pirates, cowboys, Egyptian & Roman, fantasy, steampunk, religious, 1900s, sci-fi, etc. This will probably be your best bet for short notice, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next year. If you want to go all out, you should know that they can also help with the design and construction of a costume for you that will be a bit more unique:

“For 30+ years, Make Believe, Inc. has created costumes for personal and theatrical use in the LA Area. We bring your vision to life with the knowledge and skill of a professional production house and the resources of an established rental house.”

Make sure to ask them what they might be able to do for you in this arena, and next year you’ll have a killer Halloween costume that blows all others out of the water.

Make the Studio Apartments in Los Angeles a Halloween Portrait to Remember

While you’re grabbing your costume and stocking up on candy and decorations, think about how it will all complement picture perfect LA communities like The Madrid. This Westchester location provides the perfect backdrop for every holiday, but Halloween in particular is one where the area really shines. If you’ve been thinking about a move to more picturesque part of the city, be sure to give it a second look, and drop us a line about availability and making this your new LA home.