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Benefits of Closet Cleaning

A woman putting clothes away in her closet

You spent ages filling the closet in your apartment for rent in Los Angeles with all sorts of goodies that you’ve collected throughout the years. If you’re like most people, your closet is so jam-packed with stuff that you are afraid you’ll create an avalanche the second you open your door!

Guess what? Leaving your closet stuffed to the gills is really unhealthy on a physical and psychological level. So if you have spring cleaning on your mind, it’s time to seriously consider polishing, scrubbing, reorganizing, and decluttering your closet as well as other areas of your house or apartment.

If you’re lost and don’t know where to begin your spring cleaning efforts, starting in your closet is definitely a good place to consider. Since your bedroom closet is something most people spend time in each and every day, it makes sense to declutter this area to make it easier to access and pull clothes in and out.

Plus, winter is nearly over so you may want to pull out your winter clothes and replace them with spring garments. While you’re in there, you might as well remove all the clutter that’s taking up so much space in this tiny boxlike area in the corner of your room.

With that said, we will now take a look at some of the top health benefits of cleaning out your closet. When you’re through reading this information, you’ll feel inspired to get off of your butt and into your closet to begin cleaning it out once and for all.

Eliminate Negativity from Your Life While Cleaning out Your Closet

If your home has negative energy, one of the places it’s regularly stored is in your closet along with all of the old, outdated things you no longer use that you’ve stuffed in the corner of this tiny space. Instead of continuing to let this negativity permeate your life, it’s time to take steps to finally do something about it.

Remember that beautiful sweater you bought two years ago that you couldn’t wait to finally fit into? Well, you never lost the weight. Now it’s a daily reminder of how unhappy you are because you continue to remain overweight.

Or what about the bathing suit scrunched up in a ball in the back of the closet? You dreamed about putting it on after you dropped 20 pounds on your crash diet prior to the summer. But you never actually went on a crash diet and never lost the weight so the bikini remains scrunched up in a ball in the bottom of your closet taunting you every day.

Closet negativity doesn’t only revolve around weight loss or lack thereof. You may have boxes of mementos from previous relationships that didn’t go according to plan. Or you may have boxes of bittersweet memories from a loved one who passed on from this world and suffered tremendously at the end of their days.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to rid yourself of these negative items that seriously create a mental drain in your life. By cleaning out your closet and either selling, donating, or giving this stuff away, you’ll release yourself of the negativity and hopefully give this stuff to somebody else who can provide a good home for it.

You Can Improve Your Mental Well-Being by Improving Somebody Else’s Life

Many people realize the benefits of owning stuff, and that’s fine, but they often fail to recognize the benefits of giving stuff away. If you’ve owned something for a while and no longer use it, it’s definitely in your best interest to give it to somebody else in need. They may have a tremendous need for your stuff and by cleaning out your closet and donating your old stuff; you can help families with young children get back on their feet.

Some of us will find it tough getting rid of our old clothes because it’s often attached to memories. Sometimes the memories are good, while other times the memories are bad, yet people still want to hang onto their old clothes to help keep those memories alive in their mind.

Guess what? If you give away your old clothes after cleaning out your closet, you’re still going to have those important memories in your mind. The clothes aren’t going to erase the memories as soon as you give them away, so don’t worry about forgetting important experiences in your life because those beautiful or haunting memories will stay with you for throughout eternity.

On the other hand, when you give your clothes away to a thrift store or charitable organization, you’re going to do something good for people in need. Other people will have the opportunity to benefit from the things that currently no longer bring additional value to you in your life. So hanging onto them is only hurting you, keeping your closet stuffed, and depriving the less fortunate of beautiful clothes they could be wearing if you just took the time to clean out the space and give the stuff away.

Cleaning out Your Closet Is Actually Physically Healthy for You

Do you suffer from any allergy symptoms? Believe it or not, according to this study, when you initiate spring cleaning – throughout your house and your closets – you’ll be able to remove allergens, dust, and dust mites from your home and create a much healthier environment.

If you regularly seem to be having allergic outbreaks and attacks, it’s definitely time to clean out your closet and thoroughly scrub and dust it as well. Get rid of the harmful allergens currently ruining your life and breathe easier in the new, clean, allergy free air permeating the recesses of your home.

Finally Have the Decluttered Closet You’ve Always Deserved in Your Apartment for Rent in Los Angeles

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