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Around Westchester and Inglewood in LA

A map with The Madrid apartments at the center has nested circles showing the proximity of the surrounding areas of Westchester and Inglewood. The smallest circle shows everything in a 10 minute drive, then there are circles representing 15, 20, and 30 minute distances. These apartments are near Manhattan Beach, Marina Del Rey, the Los Angeles Airport, South LA, and more.

The Madrid apartment building is located right on the edge of Westchester, just a few blocks away from Inglewood (of HBO’s Insecure fame), off of West Manchester Avenue. That means we have easy access to both excellent neighborhoods, and our apartments are also ideally located near LAX. The Madrid is also a great location if you love the beach but still want access to the rest of the city, too. Our apartments are near the beach, and we have a couple different beach options. We’re also more affordable than living right by the water.

This guide is to show you what’s immediately around us in the neighborhood.


Inglewood Park Cemetery and Edward Vincent Jr Park (10 Minute Drive)

If you enjoy historical cemeteries, Inglewood Park Cemetery is an incredible spot to explore. This huge green space is near our apartment complex, offering a great place to walk the dog, have a picnic, and more. If you’d rather avoid ghosts, Edward Vincent Jr Park is right there too — with a playground and all the other things you want in a city park.

Carl E Neilson Youth Park (10 Minute Walk)

The closest green space to our apartments is this small but lovely park with a little league baseball field.

Westchester Park (7 Minute Drive)

This city park has fields, a skatepark, and a rec center featuring basketball courts and a swimming pool.

Ballona Wetlands Preserve (10 Minute Drive)

This gorgeous marsh oasis in the center of the city is a great place for a relaxing walk to enjoy the wildflowers and the wildlife native to this area. There’s also a great view of the ocean from here.

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area (13 Minutes Drive)

This giant state park is a balance of preserved land with trails and public attractions. The Japanese Garden, the playgrounds and basketball courts, and the infamous Randi’s Waterfall will bring nature and peace into your everyday life.


Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier (20 Minute Drive)

These iconic attractions are a quick drive away, or a reasonable bus ride. If you want to see some of the best of LA, come out here.

Playa Del Rey Beach (10 Minute Drive)

If you want a closer, quieter beach, our apartments are closest to Playa Del Rey and is just a 10 minute drive or a 30 minute bus ride.

Dockweiler Beach (12 Minute Drive)

Another nearby beach is Dockweiler, which is a bit further by car and somewhat difficult to access by bus, but still a lovely option if you want to change up your beach adventures.

Manhattan Beach (23 Minute Drive)

Manhattan Beach is another iconic LA attraction, and it’s a reasonably close drive for a day trip excursion. It’s known for being less touristy than Venice and Santa Monica beaches.


The Kia Forum (11 Minute Drive)

This iconic arena is home to a lot of events and sports, including some of the biggest concerts that come through town. The SoFi Stadium is also right here.

Museum of Jurassic Technology (20 Minute Drive)

This quirky underground-LA treasure displays some of the strangest exhibits you’ll ever see. This whole stretch near Culver City has a few other cultural spots and great food.


Convenience and Grocery

The corner store and gas station down the block is a quick place to pick up household goods and fill up your car.

Westchester Plaza has Trader Joe’s, CVS, UPS, and Target a short drive or a 20-minute walk from our apartments.

Post Office

USPS is a short drive or a 15 minute walk away.

Bus Stops

Since we are just off of West Manchester Avenue, there are plenty of bus stops right here. In a couple minutes’ walk from our front door, you have access to bus 115, which takes you to the beach and also all the way out to Norwalk. It can connect you with a number of other bus lines as well as the Inglewood Transit Center and the Manchester Harbor Transitway Station, where you can transfer to the Metro Silver Line.

Los Angeles International Airport (5 Minute Drive)

Especially if you’re a jet setter, being this close to the airport can’t be beat. It’s just a 5 minute drive (which makes it a cheap taxi ride) or a 30 minute walk if you’re light on luggage.