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4th of July in LA

Close up of two people in red white and blue holding American flags and sodas

As nice as some of the studio apartments in Los Angeles are, you’ll probably want to head out from time to time to explore the city, especially with the 4th of July coming up soon. Now, the typical move would be to head to the nearest park, stadium, or similar establishment for a bombastic display of patriotism, food, and fireworks, but what if you’d like to try something a bit more out of the ordinary around Independence Day?

It’s certainly possible. It’s not like everything is going to be shut down once the Fourth rolls around. Finding the right events to appeal to your sensibilities, though, might be a bit of a challenge, especially with the thrilling, blowout parades and festivals dominating all the headlines. Fear not, though, because if you wanted to check out some of the 4th of July events that are off the beaten path, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of some of the less-well-advertised happenings that will be on offer.

See a 4th of July Art Show

You’ll have to go up the coast aways to check this one out, but it’s going to be well worth it. Have you ever been to Santa Barbara before? In the town, there’s an old historic site, the Old Mission Santa Barbara. It was built back in 1786, and once played home to the Franciscan missionaries of the era.

Today, it’s a scenic ground (in addition to a home for the friars), which means they put on special tours and shows throughout the calendar year, including a rather intriguing art show happening on the Fourth:

“Visit us atop Santa Barbara at the historic Old Mission! Art, Food & Music. An amazing array of beautiful fine art, jewelry, handbags, leather goods, wearable art, gifts, and more.”

It’ll be a nice opportunity to get away from the usual hustle and bustle, relax at an old landmark, and view some quality art and wares. If you were going for “out of the way” this Independence Day, this will be the prime spot for you to enjoy.

Have Fun at a Bar Crawl

It’s no secret that drinks will be spilled on the 4th of July. If you want to skip all the preamble and get right to the drinking portion of the celebration, you’ll probably want to check out the Drunk Uncle Sam: 4th of July Bar Crawl, hosted by Barcrawlerz.

The concept is ingenious in its simplicity. You pre-purchase a ticket for the event, then head to the West End Nightclub in Santa Monica to get your wristband and map of participating establishments around 4:00PM (or closer to 10:00PM, if you want to make a fashionable entrance). You use the map to track down the bars you want to head to (no cover charges), then drink the night away with the drink specials your participation in the event grants you access too. Have fun, and don’t stay out too late.

Or Perhaps a Club Crawl is More Your Speed?

For a similar concept applied to clubs and not bars, you’ll do well to check out the 4th of July Week Club Crawls put on by LA Epic Club Crawls. You’ll gain access to four great venues, no lines, no covers, and enjoy drink specials and a “private party host” to keep the festivities rolling along.

The full lineup will be released closer to the event, but you can check the website to get details as they emerge. Remember, since this will be a club event, you’ll have to “dress to impress.” No slouches allowed when celebrating independence in style.

Get Classy at the Ace Hotel in DTLA

Let’s say you wanted a classier July 4th setting, perhaps with some music and dancing? There’s a Fourth of July rooftop soirée taking place at the Ace Hotel DTLA, featuring plenty of great soulful music and all day dancing while the sights and sounds of LA bask in the background. It’ll be plenty of fun in the sun, and you’ll not want to miss out. Music lineup is TBA.

Hear Some DJ Sounds in West Hollywood

If you’re more into the thumping DJ vibes, you’ll want to check out the 4th of July Cookout & Pool Party taking place at Skybar, one of the finest views in LA, perched atop the Mondrian hotel on Sunset Boulevard. As they so aptly state:

“When the sun sets, the pulse of Skybar beats even louder, stirring a seductive energy, aroused by world-class DJs and Hollywood glamour.”

For this particular show, you’ll be treated to the sounds of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Eric Sharp, VNSSA, and Abi Getto. The party starts at 1:00PM and lasts until 7:00PM. There will be plenty of food and chilled drinks for your enjoyment, and you can RSVP no through their Facebook page.

How About Some July 4th Laughs?

If you want to enjoy some humor on the 4th of July, you should check out Camille Solari & Friends at Casey’s Comedy Room in DTLA. It’s a weekly Wednesday deal, but on July 4th they’ll be pulling out all the stops and bringing plenty of laughs. Camille will be joined by a stacked lineup of other funny men and women, and the event will even have DJ/Comedian Rob Wood in attendance. The event kicks off at 8:00PM, so remember to give yourself enough time to get downtown.

You Can Head Back to the Studio Apartments in Los Angeles Once You’re Done Having Fun

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